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Get your own personal character assessment.

Using method of morphopsychology based on your facial structure and individual features, natural tendencies, predispositions, dormant traits, talents, strengths or weaknesses will be revealed.

How it is done:
Get at least 3 portrait photos of yourself
One Head On
One left Profile view
One Right Profile view
And a Three quarters view
Optional Head On with a natural smile

Picture Guide:
Photos should be taken from the same level with person.
Avoid wide angle shots and perspective views taken from above and below face level, as they distort the proportions of the face.
Ideally use a tripod, position camera at a distance and zoom in to face.
Personal ProfilePersonal ProfilePersonal ProfilePersonal Profile
Lighting should be preferably natural, 3/4 from top of the head, avoid using flash. Forehead and ears should be visible, not covered by hair.
Do not use make up. The size of the head in the photos must be at least 4x6 inches or 1600x1200 pixels.
Download our Picture Guide as PDF
Decide which one is for you!

To get a copy of our Categories and Price List or any other enquiry please contact us here